About Guycan Plastics

Guycan Plastics Limited is a privately owned and customer driven organization. Established in 2003, Guycan Plastics began its business on the premise of providing its customers with high quality, custom food packaging for their products. With this goal in mind, Guycan set forth creating a business that would be able to meet the needs of its clients at every stage in the creation of their package.

With state-of-the-art thermoforming equipment and a fully functional tool shop, Guycan is able to work with its clients from beginning to end in creating a product that is both useful and esthetically appealing. In addition to this, Guycan is committed to providing the highest quality of both work and service. In order to achieve this, we have adopted the following three ideals upon which we have structured the foundation of our business: teamwork, innovation, and trust.


Guycan Plastics Limited is committed to working closely with our customers, suppliers, brokers, and employees. We believe that the core of our business rests on open communication and mutual respect for all parties. Through strong team-work we are able to generate more ideas, which allow us to provide more options when working with our customers. It is this collaboration that enables us to make your visions, reality.


Guycan Plastics Limited is continuously looking to the future. While working to ensure that we are successful today, we are simultaneously striving to make certain that we will be here tomorrow. But, with an ever changing market and shifting needs, we understand that it is important to remain flexible and to anticipate these changes. It is because of this, that Guycan Plastics Limited places such a high emphasis on innovation. This philosophy involves the principle of staying ahead of the market in terms of the materials we use, the service we provide, and the process we implement to get there. In addition to this, we intend on providing our customers with custom cost-efficient packaging for their products by incorporating the following fundamentals:

  1. 1. Reducing excess, unnecessary packaging.
  2. 2. Maintaining and/or improving the structural integrity of the package through design; and
  3. 3. Maintaining and/or improving the marketability of the product through presentation.

It is the incorporation of this simple ideal that allows us to implement the most productive processes, and to deliver the highest performance products to our customers.


Here at Guycan Plastics Limited it is a firm belief that the key to establishing strong relationships is trust. Trust that all parties are committed to reaching a common goal and trust that our products and service will meet your expectations. One key to achieving trust is with open communication, and by providing timely and accurate information. By building this into each of our dealings we intend on creating lasting relationships that will be beneficial to all sides.

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